Children's Christian Education

at St. Paul's

St. Paul's offers Sunday School class during the school year for Pre-K thru 8th grade on Sundays, starting in worship and finishing in the classroom by 10:45 AM. 

Our goal is to give every child and family a chance to experience the wisdom and the wonder of the stories of our faith; as well as the chance to be in service together to our neighbors. We believe that Christian Education is more than a class. It’s sacred storytelling and listening. It’s an invitation to church life and an appreciation that the whole community educates the whole community – all ages, all abilities, all backgrounds. Worship, Sunday classes and the family workshops are our invitation to you and your children to know God, to figure out what it means to follow Jesus, and to just show up to a place and space where you are welcome and loved just as you are. 

Confirmation is offered in the 8th grade. Contact Pastor Jill for information about the 2017-2018 confirmation class.

All Christian Education volunteers, including nursery staff, receive background checks per the guidelines of the United Church of Christ Safe Church Policy.

Sunday School Curriculum

Our lesson content combines many programs: 

From Shine: Living in God's Light:

"Faith experienced at an early age is the foundation for all other growth. The good news we share with our children has the power to transform lives and revitalize communities. So, let's prepare the ground for a new tomorrow, send down roots anchored in love. Let's sow in them seeds of mercy and plant them by the river of life."

From Spark: Activate Faith:

"Every Sparkhouse project begins with a spark - an idea, an inspiration, a glowing reminder of what the Spirit of God is up to."

From Illustrated Children's Ministry:

"Illustrated resources for the church and the home, encouraging creativity and active engagement with faith."

Events & Activities

Children are encouraged to participate in the life of the church during the rest of the week too! Many ministry and mission projects at St. Paul's are inter-generational. Both parents AND grandparents enjoy bringing their kids to church activities. Kid-friendly favorites are the Burlington-Hampshire Crop Walk, Advent Workshop, Christmas caroling to those who are housebound, the Holy Week Walk and Easter Egg Hunt and selling homegrown produce at the church vegetable stand in support of PADS.

Kids are invited to participate in worship as acolytes and readers. Sometimes we sing with the choir, too. Kids can also sign-up to ring the bell outside at the start of worship (we provide a ladder and supervision). 

For more information about children's ministries and events, contact Liz Patz, Minister for Children, Youth and Families at or leave a message with Linda, our secretary, at 847-628-6118.