The Last Supper


is RESCHEDULED to Thursday, April 18 at 7 PM

Prepare for Easter by witnessing DaVinci's famous painting come to life and hear the disciples tell their stories about how they experienced Jesus' teachings and transformative love. 

A Meaningful Experience Since 1965

Every year, over 20 volunteers come together to bring The Last Supper Presentation to life. For the St. Paul's community the presentation is an opportunity to reflect on Christian discipleship during Holy Week. The performers describe the experience as "deeply moving," "a privilege," and "a faith experience like no other."

The unexpected snow storm on Sunday 4/14 caused us to reschedule the presentation to Thursday, April 18 where it will be included in our Maundy Thursday worship service. The worship service with presentation is about one hour. All are welcome.

We will try again next to year to offer the presentation on the evening of Palm Sunday.

Are you interested in having the Last Supper Presentation performed at your church?

Let's talk! We are looking for opportunities to share this presentation with the community. Contact Anne Heinrich via the church office at